Applications for Licenses and Permits

**Please note** For current license holders – the online renewals are sent via email on the beginning of your renewal period.

Beer and Wine License Application
Form for qualifying businesses selling or wishing to sell beer and/or wine by the drink or bottle.

Liquor License Application
Application form for qualifying entities wishing to sell liquor by the drink. This form is for transfer of existing licenses or for a new specialty license. (See Liquor Priority List Application to apply to be on an Incorporated City Priority list)

Liquor Priority List Application
Use this application to be placed on a priority list for an Incorporated City liquor by the drink license.

Wholesale License Application Feb 2021
Use this form for a new license or to transfer or change your current license. (used only for wholesalers & distributors that will have an Idaho location and distribute beer/wine in Idaho)

Non-Profit Beer-Wine-Liquor-Permit-Application-with-Instructions-May 2023
Beer, Wine and/or Liquor Permit for Benevolent, Charitable and Public Purpose Events
Proceeds from the event (not to exceed three days) must be donated to a non-profit organization.

Certificate of Approval Application
Use this application for a license to import beer into Idaho.


Affidavit Release of License
Transfer your alcohol beverage license to another person or persons (Use only when the original license is not available).

Certification of Annual Beer Production
Amount of beer produced yearly by your brewery in gallons.

City-County Approval of Wholesale Location

Supplemental Application for Brewers Pub or Retail License
If your brewery produces less than thirty thousand barrels of beer annually, use this form to apply for a retail beer license or brewer’s pub license.

Letter of Appointment
Use this form for out of state suppliers of beer and/or wine shipping to licensed Idaho wholesalers and distributors.

Fingerprint Statement Form

Miscellaneous Forms

Report Form for Beer and Wine Permit for Benevolent, Charitable and Public Purpose Events

Receipt for Sales of Beer in Kegs for Unlicensed Group or Individual
Each business selling kegs of beer to go, must have a license and must complete this receipt for sales of beer in kegs.  The form must be maintained at the licensed premise for 6 months.

ABC Appointment Letter Template Form to appoint an Idaho licensee right to distribute your product within a designated area.

Idaho Direct Wine Shipper Report form [excel] Generic form for the annual reporting requirements for shipping wine to Idaho residents.

ABC Credit Card Authorization Form Please complete this form to use a credit or debit card to pay license fees, fingerprint fees or fines to ABC. *Please note: a 3% processing fee of the total transaction plus $1.00 is added when using a credit or debit card.

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