Idaho Statistical Analysis Center (ISAC)

The Idaho Statistical Analysis Center (ISAC) resides within the Planning, Grants and Research Department of the Idaho State Police. The overall purpose of ISAC, as established by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, is the systematic collection, analysis, and dissemination of statistics related to crime, illegal drugs, victim services, and the administration of justice. The purpose of our website is to provide criminal justice agencies and community organizations access to ISAC publications and other statistical information which can be used for development and analysis of policies, operations and programs.


Statistical Analysis Center Updates

New Publication: Idaho Criminal Justice Needs Assessment.

Results from a 2019 survey of criminal justice practitioners and community leaders to evaluate the state of the justice system in Idaho and to identify areas in need of additional resources.

New Publication: Forensic Interviews in Idaho: Current Challenges and Opportunities for Coordinated Service Delivery

Results from a collaborative project between the Idaho Council on Domestic Violence & Victim Assistance, the Idaho Industrial Commission – Crime Victim Compensation Program, the Idaho Network of Child Advocacy Centers, and the Idaho Statistical Analysis Center that was funded by the Center for Victim Research (CVR).

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