Serving state, county, and local Law Enforcement alongside state and county judicial officers.
About Us

The goal of the Cyber Crime Unit (CCU) is to provide all Idaho Law Enforcement agencies quality forensic image and analysis of digital evidence in accordance with the latest industry standards, practices, and training.

Our Capabilities

The CCU offers forensic examination and assistance with:

  • Cellular phones/Computers/All Digital Memory Media
  • Onsite imaging capabilities
  • Technical assistance
  • Digital evidence search warrants/subpoena assistance
  • Expert Witness court testimony
Digital Evidence Submissions

When submitting Digital Evidence, ensure the following:

  • All evidence must be properly packaged/sealed with the Agency Name, Case-Item Number, Description of Evidence, Suspect Information, Officer Contact Information, Chain of Custody noted on the evidence packaging
  • THE DESCRIPTION MUST CLEARLY DESCRIBE THE CONTENTS INSIDE THE EVIDENCE PACKAGING (e.g. “two black smartphones,” “one silver Samsung cell phone,” “three iPad tablets,” etc.)
  • Include a completed CCU Evidence Submission/Receipt Form (see below)
  • Include a copy of the search warrant or written consent
  • Any associated case reports or information to assist CFEs with examination

Submit all digital evidence to: Idaho State Police, Cyber Crime Unit, 700 S. Stratford Drive, Meridian, ID 83642

Do NOT submit digital evidence to ISP Forensic Services

EH-06 09-13 Cyber Crime Unit Evidence Submission / Receipt Form — | MSWord Version | PDF Version

Download this form to submit evidence to the ISP Cyber Crime Unit. This type of evidence is analyzed for electronic data such as cell phones, computers, laptops, hard drives, flash media, digital cameras, etc.

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