Uniform Crime Reporting Program

The Idaho Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program participates in a nationwide statistical collaboration designed to collect accurate crime data from all law enforcement agencies in a “uniform” manner. This program is managed by the Idaho State Police, Bureau of Criminal Identification. Idaho was one of the first seven states to report UCR data under the National Incident Based Reporting Systems, known as “NIBRS.” All Idaho law enforcement agencies participating in the UCR program submit their crime data under the NIBRS guidelines. Reporting definitions, rules, and guidelines are based on the Uniform Crime Reporting Handbook, NIBRS Edition, provided by the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation. The statistics collected are used to annually produce the “Crime in Idaho” publication. The program’s primary objective is to provide a valuable tool to assist law enforcement in determining their priorities in the fight against crime. Secondarily, the program serves as a vital resource to the criminal justice and non-criminal justice communities as to the nature of the crime in Idaho.

Incident Uniform Crime Reporting
IBR Submission Options

Idaho was one of the first seven states to participate in the National Incident Based Reporting systems (NIBRS), a crime data reporting method under the National Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program. Due to the vision and dedication from the participating law enforcement agencies throughout our state, Idaho’s crime reporting success and leadership is nationally recognized. The statewide collection and reporting of Idaho IBR data is mandated by Idaho Code 67-3006 and managed by the Idaho State Police, Bureau of Criminal Identification, Special Programs Unit. There are two IBR submission options available to Idaho law enforcement agencies.


Access to the NIBRS DIRECT enables an agency to enter IBR crime data on-line 24 hours a day. This option is limited to entering only IBR crime codes and does not provide an agency with an in-house records management system.

Agency/Vendor Submission

This option allows a reporting agency to extract and submit IBR crime reports from its in-house records management system. A IBR data file is created from the agency’s system and submitted on diskette or by e-mail to Special Programs Unit located in the Bureau of Criminal Identification. Each data file is examined for errors and downloaded into the statewide IBR repository. In order to ensure reporting compliance, data quality, and prevent invalid or corrupted crime data submissions, the agency is required to obtain agency/vendor IBR approval.

Outline of Agency/Vendor IBR Approval
    • Idaho UCR/IBR Requirements: compliance with all NIBRS submission rules and regulations
        • complete all testing levels from agency in-house system
        • maintain crime submission error rate below 3%
        • obtain approved data quality review
    • Submission Requirements:
        • method: IBR only
        • specifications & collection guidelines used by the FBI
        • state required download format
        • all data elements mandatory and optional by FBI guidelines
        • submit data file by diskette or e-mail
        • collect data on a monthly basis
    • Testing Elements:
        • programming format and reporting levels
        • data layout and positions
        • submission of single and multiple crime incidents
        • offense/arrest/clearance submissions
        • supplemental reporting (submitting updated information)
        • unfounded reporting
    • Quality Review Elements:
        • agency in-house coding for IBR output
        • crime analysis
            1. report interpretation and sensibility
            2. crime comparison and trends
            3. level of useful data crime fluctuations
    • Upgrade Approval Requirements:
        • notification by reporting agency of upgrade BEFORE data submission
        • maintain crime submission error rate below 3%
        • obtain approved data quality review

The Special Programs Unit, located in the Bureau of Criminal Identification, provides a list of approved vendors currently being used within our state.

When choosing an option, the following factors may help you determine which option is best for your agency:

    • NIBRS DIRECT option
        • access to ILETS terminal
        • data entry staff
    • Agency/Vendor option
        • IBR approval status in Idaho
        • easy to use
        • vendor training available
        • data entry tasked to records personnel or officers
        • cost for technical support and upgrades
        • level of built-in IBR edits (checking for errors)
        • consider other agency references
        • generates output reports
        • searchability
    • If a vendor is NOT already approved in Idaho, also consider:
        • agency reporting method until system is certified
        • available time and personnel an agency has to test new system

Uniform Crime Reporting Contact Information

Sara Breckon
ISP BCI Criminal Records Supervisor
208.884.7193 Fax

700 S Stratford Dr Ste 120
Meridian, ID 83642
208.884.7193 Fax

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