Changing and Saving Lives

We are proud of the work ISP Employees do every day serving the Citizens of Idaho.  It is especially rewarding when people take time to send a card, letter, or e-mail and let us know how we made a positive impact on them or their family.  

It was the day before Thanksgiving, and I was taking my husband to the airport.  The roads were dry with little traffic, and I wasn’t thinking about much except getting to the airport.  Then I saw the ISP patrol car in the median and looked down to check my speed, …ugh, it wasn’t pretty.  The officer lit them up, and I pulled over.  I know that this time of year, the ISP has a lot on their plates, keeping people safe. 

I was pulled over by Officer Gardiner, and he was just awesome!  He was very professional, and doing the job he is paid to do, but he had such a wonderful demeanor, I couldn’t let this incident pass without writing to thank him and let him know what a wonder ambassador he is to law enforcement.  Officer Gardiner, “thank you” for your friendliness and good humor, it was very much appreciated. 

My husband and I very much appreciate the jobs that you do and that all too often, you get little thanks in return for putting your lives on the line every day.  Please know that there are many of us out here who support you and are thankful for what you do.  B. Hansen  

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