Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive bid and quote solicitations from ISP?

For vendor information on doing business with ISP and the State of Idaho, view the Idaho State Division of Purchasing web site.

How do I receive payment from ISP?
Get Adobe Reader The State of Idaho must have a W-9  [PDF] on file for your company to issue payment. Payments to vendors are initiated from an itemized invoice from the vendor. Past due balances may only be paid if an itemized invoice is attached detailing the amount due.

How may I arrange for payment by an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)?
Vendors may complete a Vendor Enrollment Form (a W-9 form must also be completed if your company does not have one on file with the State of Idaho) to initiate payments by wire transfer. When completing the form, the vendor must complete the following boxes:

  • Payee/Business/…SSN or Federal EIN
  • Vendor Type
  • Vendor Status
  • Name & Address to Remit Payment

Electronic Payment Information – NOTE: Remember to include a voided check (the state may not accept deposit slips)

What are ISPs current travel regulations for Service Contractors and subgrantees?
The Idaho State Board of Examiners sets the travel regulations and rate schedule.

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