Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply ?

How many vacancies are anticipated ?

Is there an age limit ?

What are the online exams like ?

What is the oral test like ?

What are veterans points and am I eligible ?

How is it determined where I will live and work ?

What hours do Troopers work ?

What is the Internet address when it is time to apply?

What is ISP ATC (Advanced Training Academy) and what does it mean to me ?

What if I have filed for bankruptcy in the past?  Will that disqualify me ?

I have used drugs in the past.  Will that disqualify me ?

What other issues may disqualify me ?

What equipment is issued to new Troopers ?

Do Troopers get to take their cars home ?

ISP Trooper Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?
The hiring frequency depends on current staffing needs and budget availability.  When an announcement is open, click on the apply now for ISP Trooper on the ISP web site.  You can be automatically notified when the next ISP Trooper announcement opens by contacting ISP Human Resources at or 208.884.7018.

How many vacancies are anticipated?
The number of Troopers we hire depends on the current need.  Typically we hire a full class of 20 from each announcement.

Is there an age limit?
No. Hiring is done without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age or disability. POST Council does require that applicants have two years of responsible work experience or two years of education after high school graduation or award of a GED.

What are the online exams like?
When you apply online you are asked to take an MQ Screen exam.  This exam is a checklist of questions that determine whether or not you meet the minimum qualifications.  If you meet all of the minimum qualifications then you are invited to take the LXR exam.  The LXR exam is a timed (one hour) exam that includes questions that cover the following categories: Analytical/Math, English Usage, Drawing Conclusions, Following Procedures, Reading Comprehension, and Situational Judgment.

What is the oral exam like?
In the oral exam you will be asked questions that relate to your background, education and experience.  For example, we may ask
you about a time when you had to deal with a difficult person and how you handled it, or we may ask you to tell us about a time when you were under a great deal of stress and how you dealt with it.

What are Veteran’s points and am I eligible?
If you think you are eligible for Veteran’s points, please see the Veteran’s Preference form VP-1 on the Division of Human Resource Internet site at: Veterans’ Preference Points

How is it determined where I will live and work?
If ISP gets to the point of considering you for employment, you will be asked to provide us a list of your location preferences. While the Idaho State Police will do its best to accommodate your first choice of assignment, please understand that assignment is made depending on the needs of the department.  Assignment anywhere in Idaho is possible. Relocation during your career with ISP is also possible, although this is normally based on your request to transfer or on your acceptance of a promotion in another area. 

Region 6 Region 6 Region 5 Region 4 Region 3 Region 2 Region 1 District all

District 1
Services in Kootenai, Benewah, Bonner, Boundary and Shoshone Counties.

District 2
Services in Latah, Lewis, Nez Perce, Clearwater, Adams and Idaho Counties.

District 3
Services in Ada, Adams, Boise, Canyon, Elmore, Gem, Owyhee, Payette, Valley and Washington Counties.

District 4
Services in Camas, Blaine, Lincoln, Gooding, Cassia, Minidoka, Jerome and Twin Falls Counties.

District 5
Services in Bear Lake, Caribou, Franklin, Oneida, Bingham, Power and Bannock Counties.

District 6
Services in Butte, Custer, Lemhi, Clark, Fremont, Madison, Teton, Jefferson, and Bonneville Counties.

Learn more about ISP District locations.

What hours do Troopers Work?
Troopers currently work four 10-hour shifts per week with rotating days off.  The schedule alternates between day and night shifts every two months.  There are exceptions to this depending on assignment.  For example, we have a motorcycle team that works days and we have a DUI team that works nights.

When it is time to apply?
The next announcement for ISP Trooper is scheduled to open spring of 2019. Please contact ISP Human Resources at or 208.884.7018 to be placed onto an automatic notification list that will provide you details regarding when and how to apply. Learn more about a career of a lifetime at the Idaho State Police web site. Another Internet site for everything you ever wanted to know about Idaho is

What is ISP ATC (Advanced Training Academy) and what does it mean to me?
It is a 16 week academy designed for ISP newly hired Troopers. You will live on campus in Meridian, Idaho. You will be paid during this training and all your clothing and equipment will be issued.

What if I have filed for bankruptcy in the past?  Will that disqualify me?
Bankruptcy is not an automatic disqualifier.  This is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Certain financial matters can be a disqualifier. 

I have used drugs in the past.  Will that disqualify me?
ISP has specific requirements governing drug use. NO EXCEPTIONS are made to these requirements. If you do not meet them, please do not apply and hope that your drug use will be overlooked. View the ISP Drug Policy to learn more.

Again, there will be no exceptions to meeting these requirements.

What other issues may disqualify me?
There are a number of issues that may prove to be disqualifying: a pattern of poor decision making such as a bankruptcy followed by further credit problems;  any history of domestic violence, whether verbal, psychological, or physical;  a history of any other type of abuse, even if no allegations or charges have been made; dishonesty, such as lying or stealing from an employer (this does not include inadvertently taking a pen or pencil home but  “borrowing” a laptop and then “forgetting” to take it back will disqualify you), a pattern of poor employee/employer work relations;  a record of job-hopping, abuse of sick leave, or failure to follow employer work rules; or repeated traffic offenses and/or DUI convictions, which show either a disregard for the law or an inability to learn from past mistakes.  Any history of sexual harassment or inappropriate prejudicial treatment of others will also disqualify you.

What equipment is issued to new Troopers? 
The list of equipment that is issued to new Troopers is far too long to list here in detail.  A summary of a few of the items issued are: Clothing, Coats, Boots, Hats, Tools, Glock Handgun, M-4 Rifle, Ballistic Vest, and a Patrol Car or SUV.

Do Troopers get to take their cars home?
Yes, each Trooper has a vehicle assigned to him or her. They do not share their vehicle and are allowed to drive it home at the end of each work shift.

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