Old-District Awards 2


Medal of Valor

The Medal of Valor is the highest award of honor that can be bestowed on a sworn officer in recognition for an act of selfless bravery under extreme conditions above and beyond duty requirements.

John K. Ferriss 12/28/1995
Dale T. Hughes 12/28/1995


Silver Star

The Silver Star is the second highest award for heroism in the face of danger that may be presented to a sworn officer.

Dan C. Howard 12/28/1995
Dan C. Howard 1/19/2000
Jeffory Talbot 5/18/2009


Purple Heart

The Purple Heart is awarded to a sworn officer who is injured in the line of duty.

Allen Oswald 4/1/1996
Jeffory Talbot 5/18/2009


Life Saving Award

The Life Saving Award is awarded to any employee who saves the life of another person, whether on-duty or off-duty.

Ed Westbrook 9/19/2009
Christopher Middleton 7/29/2014
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