The ISP Career Path

All commissioned personnel start their careers assigned to one of six patrol districts. While many remain in their district for an entire career, others seek new challenges and opportunities for professional growth. When openings arise, troopers may explore various avenues of movement within the organization. Options may be to transfer to a different district, assume the role of a resident trooper in a semi-remote location, lateral to one of five specialized opportunities, or pursue promotional avenues.

Specialized opportunities:

  • Commercial Vehicle Safety Specialist
  • Detective
  • Executive Protection Specialist
  • Hazardous Materials Specialist
  • Training Specialist

To ensure those ascending to leadership roles possess the requisite skills, knowledge, and commitment to effectively guide and manage the diverse responsibilities within ISP, troopers aspiring to supervisory or management positions go through a competitive and comprehensive process that accounts for performance and factors like advanced training, certifications, and educational achievements.

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