The ISP Career Path

All commissioned Idaho State Police Officers begin their careers as Troopers assigned to one of six patrol districts, and many choose to remain in this highway safety field throughout their careers. Troopers wishing for new challenges may request assignment to another of Idaho’s six patrol districts when openings are available, or may seek one of many resident officer positions in the state, where they will work closely with other law enforcement agencies, citizens, and community leaders in addressing local enforcement and public safety issues. Throughout their careers, ISP troopers receive continuing training and education.

Troopers who wish to enter a specialized field may seek to qualify for competitive promotion into one of five current fields identified by the agency:


Executive Protection Specialist
Training Specialist
Hazardous Materials Specialist
Commercial Vehicle Safety Specialist

Those wishing to acquire additional training and certifications may seek promotion into supervisory or management positions in various agency functions, either in our district offices or at headquarters.

For non-commissioned employees of the Idaho State Police, numerous opportunities exist for service in our many support functions. From Forensic Services to Financial Services, civilians seeking to help fulfill the Idaho State Police mission can find opportunity for training and promotion.

The Idaho State Police Training Section is committed to identifying and providing the necessary skills for all Idaho State Police employees to serve the citizens of our state and its many visitors.

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