What is this?

So you are about to edit your page and you see something that looks like this:

[sc name="Nav-Buttons-ISP" active="message"]

First and foremost, Please! don’t erase these. They are supposed to be there!

If the description is not enough to tell you what these become, look at the actual webpage and find what is there in the same location. Sometimes they are pictures and info like the Colonel’s example way down below and sometimes they are as simple as

[sc name="District-or-Region-Cap"]



They can be the tabs at the top of the page, pictures, or a piece of text like a phone number or address. We use them to make it easy to update commonly changed items from one location. So if the Colonel’s phone number changes we only have to change it once and everywhere it is located it will change without having to hunt them all down.

They are called Shortcodes. A shortcode is a special piece of text that is recognized by WordPress and replaced by other predefined text and HTML coding. These “shortcodes” are characterized by the square brackets and text “sc” (which stands for ShortCode). Not all shortcodes have the “sc” coding but most of the ones you will see do. They then have a name which will give you a clue as to what they are. Another example:

[sc name="Photo-Info-Colonel"]




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