Instructions for Brand Applicants

** DO NOT WAIT until you are ready to brand to begin the application process.

*** Brand must be registered with this office to be a valid brand in Idaho.

Allow time for processing your application – the usual time for return of your recorded brand is at least two to three weeks. Fees must be submitted before applications are processed.
Fees – $50.00 to $150.00. Call brand office at 208-884-7070 or in state 1-800-772-8442 for the specific amount due.

Record a Brand Application Form rev 6-1-23

Please submit 5 to 6 brand choices in the spaces provided on the form. They will be researched in that order. Brands are recorded statewide. Brands not acceptable for recording are Dot brands or brands applied to the jaw or to the neck. When your application has been approved, you will be sent your brand certificate by mail.

Sheep brands are registered for Anywhere Sheep – only one brand will be issued for each design for sheep. Cattle brands are registered for Right Shoulder, Right Rib, Right Hip, Left Shoulder, Left Rib and Left Hip.
Horse/Mule brands are registered for Right Shoulder, Right Hip, Left Shoulder and Left Hip.

Earmarks are no longer recorded in the state of Idaho. You are encouraged to use them if you wish. Please be aware of what your neighbors are using so as to not duplicate their mark.

Legal Owners on Application

If the brand is to be recorded in more than one name, please indicate if any are minor children, parents are often listed as co-owners with the child, Partnership (include names of all partners), Corporation (include name of president or other officer), dba (doing business as – a fictitious business name, not a registered corporation) must also list brand owner names.

The use of “AND” or “OR” between names of brand owners will determine specific ownership at time of sale and may determine how the check for the sale of the livestock is written. An “OR” indicates that all names listed are owners of all the livestock and livestock may be sold without the knowledge of all parties. The use of “AND” or “OR” does not change the ownership rights on the brand. When a brand is transferred, all parties listed as owners must have their signatures notarized on the transfer form.

Transfers of Brands

Brands may be transferred using a transfer form available through this office. Please read our transfer of brands page or contact the office for further information.

Issue of New Brand

When you are issued your new brand, you will receive two laminated brand certificates that may be carried with you. DO NOT USE A BRAND UNTIL THE BRAND CERTIFICATE HAS BEEN ISSUED FROM THIS OFFICE. Additional laminated brand certificates are $3.00 for a set of two.

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