Crime Scene

Idaho State Police (ISP) Forensic Services personnel are available to respond to crime scenes throughout the state.  Local agencies can request Forensic Service’s assistance whether or not they’re asking ISP Investigations for assistance.  Our response can range from a consultation to processing the entire crime scene, depending on the needs of the agency.

Services offered include:

  • Photography (day and night)
  • Presumptive testing for blood
  • Latent print processing
  • Documentation of other impression evidence (e.g. footwear, tire tracks, tool marks)
  • Documentation of blood stains for reconstruction
  • Documentation of shooting incidents for reconstruction
  • Location and collection of all types of evidence (e.g. biological, fire/arson debris, impressions, firearms related, trace, etc.)
  • Assist with clandestine drug labs (chemical sampling and latent print processing)

Additionally, for services we don’t currently offer, we can provide contact information for other forensics professionals who may be able to assist the agency.

If you need ISP Forensic Services to assist your agency with a crime scene, or if you have a question about crime scene procedures, please contact Crime Scene Coordinator Jennie Ayers.  During regular business hours, she can be reached at 208-884-7170.  After hours, she can be reached via ISP dispatch.

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