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“We are proud of the hard work of all of our employees. As of June 2017 the Idaho State Police Forensic Services surpassed 39,000 convicted offender DNA samples in the state database. Approximately 5,000 samples are added each year. This is a tribute to the hard work of many dedicated scientists at the lab, ISP management, and the Idaho State Legislature. We also credit the staff and management at Idaho Department of Corrections and local agencies for their hard work collecting these samples.”

“The size of the Idaho database has grown almost exponentially in recent years due to changes in state law, more efficient processing techniques, and more trained scientists. The lab continues to increase effectiveness by implementing the latest technologies for efficient processing of DNA database samples. The convicted offender samples in the Idaho database are searched on a regular basis against homicides, sexual assaults, assaults, and other crimes from all over the country. The potential for a critical lead in an investigation increases each time a sample is added to the DNA database. We invite you to track the number of investigations aided through the Idaho DNA database program. We have added a hit counter to our webpage so that the public can see how many criminal investigations are aided with Idaho DNA database data.”

Idaho Convicted Offender DNA Sampling Success

Idaho Offender Hits to “Out of State Cases” Idaho Offender Hits to “In-State Cases”
0 0 4 7
0 0 1 2

Instructions for collecting and submitting a DNA sample for a convicted offender.
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DNA Database Sample Collection Kit Instructions

Analytical Methods

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