Sexual Assault Services Formula Program (SAS Formula Program)

Sexual Assault Services Formula Grant Program (SASP) is the first federal funding stream solely dedicated to the provision of direct intervention and related assistance for victims of sexual assault. The SASP Formula Grant Program directs grant dollars to states and territories to assist them in supporting rape crisis centers and other nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations or tribal programs that provide services, direct intervention, and related assistance to victims of sexual assault.  Funds provided through SASP are designed to supplement other funding sources directed at addressing sexual assault on the state and territorial level.

Idaho’s SASP funding provides funds for intervention, advocacy, accompaniment, support services and related assistance for adult, youth, and child victims of sexual assault, family and household members of victims and those collaterally affected by the sexual assault.

FY 2019 SAS Formula Program Awarded New Projects for CY 2021

Application deadline is October 12, 2022 by 11:00 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

FY 2021 – FY 2022 Sexual Assault Services Formula Program Solicitation – New Projects for CY 2023 Application

Instructions for New Applications

Required Application Attachments

Organization’s Background Information

Expense/Match Budget Detail Worksheet

Financial Management and System of Internal Controls Questionnaire

Financial Accounting Practices Questionnaire

PGR Risk Assessment

Letter of Non-supplanting – Sample

Confidentiality Notice Form

Disclosure of Lobbying Activities (SF-LLL)

Additional Application Attachments (if applicable)

Indirect Cost Rate

Nonprofit Organization Requirement Documentation

Electronic Acceptances

Standard Assurances

Certifications Regarding Lobbying; Debarment; Suspension and Other Responsibility Matters; Drug-Free Workplace Requirements; Law Enforcement and Community Policing

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