Recruiter Cards

An example of a Recruiter Card.

What a Recruiter Card looks like when editing the page.

At the moment these are only used on the HR recruiter pages but these are available for use anywhere.

To make a recruiter card:

1. Click on the and select Shortcode () you will get a place to enter your shortcode:

This example is inside of a column which is why it is narrow. These are usually inside of a column but you may place them anywhere.

2. Insert the shortcode text for the card into the box. The code looks like the following:

sc name=”Recruiter-Card” picPath=”11/2019/08/Branch_Holly-4-1.jpg” email=”” rankAndName=”Corporal Holly Branch

Since the shortcode blocks are often narrow they make the code hard to read and edit in place so it is often helpful to create and/or edit the code in a text editor like Notepad.

The Recruiter Card Shortcode text

The shortcode text is actually quite simple. It has outer brackets with “sc” to designate it as a “Shortcoder” shortcode like this: . Inside these brackets it has several attributes that we’ve designed into it: a name, path to a picture, email address and the rank and name of the person.

This is the format to use:
sc name=”Recruiter-Card” picPath=”<path>” email=”<email>” rankAndName=”<TrooperName>
This is an example:
sc name=”Recruiter-Card” picPath=”11/2019/08/Branch_Holly-4-1.jpg” email=”” rankAndName=”Corporal Holly Branch

I’ll list them below under the attribute name and the syntax for how to use them.


This is the path to the picture that we will use for the card. It will look like this:

The path starts with the site number which is listed here:

1=ISP 2=ABC 3=BCI 4=Brands 5=IT 6=RCC 7=CVS 8=CyberCrime 9=FSO 10=Forensics 11=HR 12=Fusion 13=Investigations 14=IPOM 15=Patrol 16=PGR 17=Racing 18=Training 19=POST

Followed by the year and then the month the picture was added to the media library (don’t forget the leading zero ie: 08 not 8). The properties for the media file should help you figure out the path (and hence the dates) of the image.

and finally the name of the file.

The path should look something like this:

Probably the easiest way to get this information is to use the media library and get it from the path of the picture. I’ll outline this below:

Click “Media” on the left toolbar
Click on the image that you want to use in the Recruiter Card and it will bring up the “Attachment Details” for that image.

If your image is not shown you can drag it from Windows Explorer on top of the rest of the pictures and it will be uploaded. See Formatting People Pictures.

On the right side of the “Attachment Details” there is a bar with information about that image. Look for the “Copy Link”
Usually the path to the image is longer than the window can show so the information that we care about is clear over to the right. The best way to get there is to click on the box once and then move the cursor over the text and drag it to the right.
Drag all the way until you get to the end of the images name. Now that we are over there you can see the information we need. Just highlight the site number/year/month/filename and copy it (<Ctrl>C).

This is your picPath


This is the email address as we would like it displayed and used. So it needs to be a valid email format but you may also capitalize as you like. It will look like this:


This is the person’s name as we would like it displayed. If they have a rank then show it. It will look something like this:
rankAndName=”Corporal Holly Branch”

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