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Shipping beer directly to consumers

Distribution Rights Guidelines August 2015

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(1) Any person shall have the privilege of manufacturing wine, beer, mead, cider, or other fermented beverages for the personal use of himself, family, and guests.
(2)  The production of wine, beer, mead, cider, or other fermented beverages per household for family or personal use pursuant to this section may not exceed:
     (a)  Two hundred (200) gallons per calendar year if there are two (2) or more adults residing in the household; or
     (b)  One hundred (100) gallons per calendar year if there is one (1) adult residing in the household.

23-504.  ALCOHOLIC NONBEVERAGES. Any person may manufacture or sell patent and proprietary medicines, tinctures, food products, extracts, toilet articles and perfumes, and other like commodities, which are not generally classified or used as beverages, although they contain as one of their ingredients alcoholic liquor.

23-520.  HOMEMADE BEER, WINE, MEAD, CIDER, AND OTHER FERMENTED BEVERAGES AT LICENSED PREMISES. In addition to any other privilege granted to a licensee under this chapter, a licensee may conduct an organized judging, tasting, exhibition, contest, or competition of homemade beer, wine, mead, cider, or other fermented beverages produced pursuant to section 23-501, Idaho Code. Consumption at such events shall be limited solely to the participants in and designated judges of such events. Fermented beverages used for the purposes described in this section shall be served in portions not exceeding six (6) ounces and shall not be sold to, offered for sale to, or made available for consumption by the general public. (23-520, added 2022, ch. 136, sec. 2, p. 506.)


Wine Infographic Idaho Wineries are you curious what kind of permit you need for offsite sales and service? Check out our Infographic above.

Attention Idaho Wineries
Please complete the Application for Winery Sponsored Event per Idaho Code 23-1338 and e-mail it to ABC for approval at

Wine Direct Shipping Requirements
Effective July 1, 2006, all wineries that ship wine directly to Idaho residents are required to get a Direct Shipper Permit from the Alcohol Beverage Control Bureau.  Please read all requirements and necessary instructions from the Idaho State Tax Commission and you must include a copy of your TTB permit. Please note: annual renewal forms are emailed 8 weeks prior to the expiration date on your permit.  Please contact our office if you have further questions.

Direct Shipper Application

Generic form for the annual reporting requirements: Idaho Direct Shipper Report form [excel document]

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