Careers in ISP Forensic Sciences

Employment Opportunities


Employment Opportunities page of the ASCLD
A range of positions across the United States is generally showcased on this page of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors website.


Job Opportunities List from the AAFS
The American Academy of Forensic Sciences manages this list of openings listed by job title. Offerings range from chemists and technicians to forensic artists.

Current Job Openings with the Idaho State Police


Forensic Services offers unpaid internships in each of our three laboratories. Individuals considering internships should consult the list of services available in each laboratory. Interns must be students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree (or in possession of a degree) in a natural science major related to forensic science (e.g. Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Physics). ISP Forensic Services gives preference to students with experience using instrumentation or techniques used in a crime laboratory. Each intern must be advised/supervised by a member of the ISPFS analytical staff. Interns should first contact the lab manager of the ISPFS lab where they desire to intern. The lab manager will consider the preparation of the applicant, the needs of the laboratory, and the current workload of the ISPFS analysts. Interns are encouraged to complete a project during their experience and should work with their educational advisor to propose a project to ISPFS. Internship projects that match ISPFS research interests are more likely to gain the applicant an internship. Interns are expected to maintain a mutually agreed upon schedule during the internship. Internship durations are at the discretion of the lab manager. Internships are usually available at any time during the year. After gaining laboratory manager approval, interns work with ISP human resources to obtain ISP required forms. Interns must successfully complete an ISP background check and polygraph test before starting the internship. ISPFS does not offer compensation, housing, or per-diem to interns.

Applying with ISPFS:

ISPFS posts all analytical openings on the AAFS, ASCLD, and Idaho Division of Human Resources websites. The State of Idaho Division of Human Resources provides current job descriptions, salary information, applications, current openings, and an overview of benefits. The current job titles in ISP Forensic Services are Forensic Evidence Specialist, Forensic Scientist 1, Forensic Scientist 2, Forensic Scientist 3, Forensic Scientist 4/DNA, Forensic Scientist 4/Impression Evidence, LIMS Administrator/Programmer, Forensic Laboratory Manager, Laboratory Improvement Manager/Quality Manager, and Major/Manager.

  • Analysts must have at least a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry or a closely related science field from a regionally accredited college or university. Forensic Science and Criminal Justice degrees must meet ISPFS coursework requirements with a heavy emphasis on science coursework.
  • Instrumental analysis and quantitative analysis is required for controlled substance analysts.
  • Coursework in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Genetics is required for work in DNA.
  • Forensic internships, work experience, publications, and memberships may increase the applicant score.
  • All ISPFS employees must successfully complete the ISP background investigation and polygraph examination.
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