Digital Forensics

Providing local, county, state, and federal Law Enforcement Agencies with Digital Forensics.
About Us

The goal of the Cyber Crime Unit (CCU) is to provide all Idaho Law Enforcement agencies quality forensic image and analysis of digital evidence in accordance with the latest industry standards, practices, and training.

***If you are a private citizen, please report your cyber incident to your local Sheriff or Police Department.***

Our Capabilities

The CCU offers forensic examination and assistance with:

  • All Digital Media (computers, cellular devices, memory devices)
  • Onsite imaging capabilities
  • Digital evidence search warrants/subpoena assistance
  • Expert Witness court testimony
  • Video/Audio Enhancement
Digital Evidence Submissions

Effective June 7th, 2021, all digital/cyber/electronic evidence (computers, cellular devices, copies of audio/video evidence for enhancement) for the Idaho State Police Cyber Crime Unit (CCU) will now be submitted through Idaho State Police Forensic Services (ISPFS) Meridian Laboratory.

Address: Idaho State Police Forensic Services, 700 S. Stratford Drive, Meridian, ID 83642

All evidence must be “pre-logged” in advance of submission in the ISPFS Laboratory Information Management System (ILMS).

In-person customers will be asked to provide the pre-log form in hard copy.

All evidence must be in a sealed condition and in appropriate packaging when submitted to ISPFS Acceptable packaging and evidence status is outlined in detail at: 2021_05_17_Digital_Evidence_Submission.pdf (

  • All submissions must be mailed by secure carrier or hand delivered to the ISPFS Meridian Laboratory. Notification of urgent submissions should be made in advance to Bret Kessinger (208-884-7110) and the Meridian Lab (208-884-7170) so the CCU and our evidence staff can be on standby to facilitate a quick evidence transfer to the Computer Forensic Examiner working the case.
  • Packaging advice and assistance may be available from the ISP evidence technicians at the ISP District Offices around the state.
  • Improperly sealed evidence shipped to the lab will be returned to the submitting agency for remediation. Improperly sealed evidence submitted in person must be corrected before it will be accepted by the laboratory.
  • Any additional forensic science work needed on the submitted electronic item (i.e. latent prints, DNA) must be selected in pre-log and communicated to ISPFS evidence staff upon submission. ISPFS will coordinate the processing order in conjunction with the submitting agency and ISP CCU.

These changes are being implemented to document the chain of custody electronically and also to facilitate CCU Computer Forensic Examiners spending more time on casework instead of administrative duties.

Please do not hesitate to contact Matthew Gamette at 208-884-7217 or Bret Kessinger at 208-884-7110 if you have any questions.

*Only use this contact information for Law Enforcement Agency Evidence Submissions only. 

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