Selection Process

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Selection Process

The steps in the selection process are listed below. You must meet the qualifications described in each step prior to moving to the next step.  You may be required to make a minimum of two trips to Meridian Idaho to complete the ISP hiring process.

Application and online testing

After you have completed the on-line application, qualification statements, and the online examination, you will receive a pass or fail score from DHR.  You must apply and test prior to the closing date listed on the announcement.

Applicants that are selected to proceed to the oral exam and physical fitness testing will receive an email from ISP containing detailed information regarding testing dates.

Oral exam/physical fitness evaluation

The oral exam and physical fitness evaluation will be conducted at ISP headquarters in Meridian, Idaho.  The oral exam consists of answering questions posed by a three-member panel.  Each applicant is asked the same core questions and is scored on their responses.  The total score for each applicant is calculated, veteran preference points are added, if applicable, and a final hiring list is created.   Idaho State Police uses a process referred to as “Competency Based Interviewing” for the oral examination process.

If you have any questions about the physical fitness evaluation, please visit ISP Standards.  You must complete and pass each event to move forward.  Should you fail one event, you will not move forward.

Background Investigation – Personal History Statement

A comprehensive background will be conducted on each selected applicant. All job offers are conditional upon successfully passing this background investigation. Although the background investigation may seem intrusive to some applicants, it is designed to eliminate any possibility that the professional conduct of our Troopers will be compromised by prior events.

The investigation will address the following areas:

  • Employment
  • Credit
  • Education
  • Criminal History
  • Traffic Offenses

Please see the Personal History Questionnaire for more information.

Conditional Offers

Conditional offers will be given prior to the ISP background
investigation.  These offers are contingent on the applicant successfully completing the following:

  • Polygraph Examination
  • Medical Examination
  • Psychological Examination

A polygraph examination will be performed on each applicant who successfully completes the background investigation. The polygraph will cover information you have given in the personal history statement and qualification statements.

Medical Examination

After an applicant successfully passes the ISP Background Investigation and Polygraph they will be required to complete a thorough medical examination, which will include a drug screen, vision and hearing test. The medical examination will be held in Boise, Idaho.  All of these steps must be completed successfully in order to proceed in the ISP hiring process.

The medical exam and psychological evaluation will be scheduled together in one trip to Meridian, Idaho.   Applicants will receive approximately two weeks notification so they can make their own travel arrangements.   It can take up to three days to complete all examinations.

Psychological Examination

Each applicant will be required to participate in an extensive written psychological assessment in addition to having an interview with a clinical psychologist. The interview will be held at ISP headquarters in Meridian, Idaho.

Final Offer

After Trooper applicants pass the written test, oral examination, background investigation, polygraph, medical, psychological, and physical fitness testing, the results are forwarded to a review panel. This panel reviews all relevant information and selects those candidates they believe will be most successful as ISP Troopers. Candidates are then contacted to discuss location assignments. Once location assignments are accepted, candidates receive a final offer letter.


View detailed information regarding compensation and benefits.

If you have questions about ISP qualifications you may contact Human Resources at 208-884-7317.

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