Trooper – More Than Just A Job

Many law enforcement careers at ISP begin with training to be a Trooper. As a fully trained and qualified Trooper you are eligible for promotion to our Specialist positions. These include Detectives, Commercial Vehicle Safety Specialist, Hazardous Material Specialist, and Training Specialist. There are also specialty areas for Troopers such as Motorcycle Unit, Drug Recognition Expert, Accident Reconstruction, Executive Protection, Firearms, and many more.  Usually our Sergeants, Lieutenants, Captains and Majors start as Troopers. This is the first step to a job that will bring you a lifetime of rewarding experiences and opportunities.

Make A Difference Everyday Through Service

As an Idaho State Police Trooper, you will perform a variety of tasks, many of which will be interesting and will offer personal enjoyment. Some tasks will be difficult and possibly unappealing. Your motivation will always be the fact that you have the opportunity to make a difference, through service, everyday that you wear the badge of an Idaho State Police Trooper.

Are You Ready to Apply?

A Realistic Job Preview
Tasks an Idaho State Police Trooper performs and other information about the job.

Why Choose the Idaho State Police?
Idaho has exceptional quality of life, and diversified job opportunities. Learn more about our great state!

ISP Charger with an Idaho barn

Minimum Qualifications and Employment Disqualifiers
Read through our list to make sure you meet the minimum standards before applying.

Drug Policy
Use is defined as any intentional or unintentional testing, smoking, injecting, absorbing, sniffing, or inhaling of any drug not prescribed by a licensed physician.

Compensation and Benefits Package
We offer vacation and sick leave, health insurance, life insurance, ten (10!!) paid holidays, participative retirement, and employee assistance program and a paycheck!

Grooming and Appearance

Idaho State Police Troopers must maintain a professional and well-groomed appearance.

Selection Process

Although lengthy, it is well worth the effort if you feel you are the type of individual who is suited for the job.

Training Program

The training program consists of ISP Advanced Training including POST curriculum and the Field Training Program.


An experienced employee will help address needs and concerns to assist you in making a successful transition into a new work environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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