FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

In an attempt to answer frequently asked questions relating to the enforcement of the Governor’s guidance to “Stay Healthy,” the Idaho State Police is offering the following guidance. For more information on the stages for reopening, please visit –  www.rebound.idaho.gov

Is this martial law?

No, not even close.  There are no curfews, and most movements, as defined in the Governor’s Stage 4 Stay Healthy Guidelines are not restricted. While details are offered relating to social distancing, Idahoan’s movements are generally unrestricted.

Do I need documentation from my employer? 

No.  Information on which businesses are able to open at each stage can be found at rebound.idaho.gov. Officers will not be asking or looking for any type of special paperwork from your employer.

Do I need a special placard on my car, when going to work or if I drive for work?

No.  There is no special documentation or placards for people going to work or permitted activities.

Will I be pulled over for driving on the highway?

Not for violation of the Governor’s Stay Healthy Guidelines, which specifically outlines efforts to avoid large gatherings, not restrict the movement of Idahoans.  If, however, you are committing a traffic violation or crime that would be enforced independent of the guidelines, you may be stopped, like any other day.

Are the state lines closed, and are there roadblocks?

No, traffic is moving freely within Idaho and our border states.  There are no roadblocks or restrictions of vehicle movement.  Other states may be operating under similar guidance from their governors, so Idahoans should be aware of these provisions when traveling in their state. ISP highly encourages anyone traveling from locations with known ongoing transmission to self-isolate upon arrival. 

Are rest areas open?

Yes. The Idaho Transportation Department is working hard to ensure that rest areas are cleaned and maintained to be used by the motoring public.

What about my kids that may congregate in place without my permission, like a skate park?

Police know our children don’t often take their parent’s advice and may ignore direction when away. Like adults found to be congregating in a location, officers will likely approach the youths and educate them about the guidance. Citations and arrests are extremely unlikely, reserved for the most extreme circumstances. The goal is to keep Idahoans well. 

Can I still go hiking and fishing?

Yes.  Idahoans can still recreate outdoors if they can maintain appropriate social distancing – which is defined as 6 feet or more from others.  Idahoans and visitors to our state should be aware most campgrounds and boat ramps are closed, so you should research your plans before recreating and respect private property signs.

Should I call 911 or other emergency numbers if I see businesses open or people congregating?

No.  The level of this violation is not for reporting police, fire, or medical emergencies to emergency numbers.  People may choose to self-educate their fellow Idahoans, or if a large gathering is noted, they may call their respective law enforcement agency’s non-emergency number. 

For additional information, go to the Frequently Asked Questions Section of the COVID-19 website.  

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